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How To Dress Well Radio

April 8, 2016

Check out How To Dress Well Radio on Spotify. I’m gonna be posting songs to this playlist that I love and that have inspired my next LP. It’s gonna be good, I promise! I’ll update weekly so follow!

Just Let Go

April 7, 2016

Classixx put out a song today that I sing on. Thanks to Tyler and Michael for their hard work! It’s beautiful! To me this song is about the meaning of spring, spring as a symbol for new birth and overcoming — a symbol for truly becoming happy, say, or for coming out, or for just being free. “no more winter in your soul”!


August 19, 2015

hey so in june i popped up to toronto and made a video w my friends colin bergh (director) and johnny hockin (producer/editor) — and got josh, drew, talvi and allegra to be my *band* for the day : ) shouts to basia for the styling, we all look lovely :+) took a while to get it all together but i made it to celebrate the first birthday of “What Is This Heart?” and to bring something sweet and tender and cute to all the sweet people all over the world who support my music. love yall and i hope you enjoy PRECIOUS LOVE <3 <3 <3

TuneIn Live Session

June 10, 2015

We spent the afternoon with TuneIn & did a lil session for their station RVRB. Check it out here ✌️

“What Is This Heart?” Director’s Cut

May 12, 2015

Very happy to share this director’s cut from the “What Is This Heart?” trilogy of films by Luke Gilford and Johannes Greve Muskat <3 <3 <3

Pour Cyril (Live With Orchestra) + Song Exploder

March 25, 2015

for u
Pour Cyril (Live With Orchestra)
recorded in berlin last summer
conducted by minna choi

And then listen to me deconstruct the making of “Pour Cyril” in a new episode of Song Exploder.

Rollercoaster (How To Dress Well Remix)

March 18, 2015

How To Dress Well x Bleachers. Listen to my remix of Rollercoaster below.

“The One” Feat. TĀLĀ

January 27, 2015

So excited to share this brand new tune with y’all. Hope you like it.

Asia Tour

January 23, 2015

Asia! I’m so excited to be coming to play for you. We are making five stops – first in Singapore on January 14th, then to Bangkok on the 17th, Manila on the 19th, Seoul on the 20th, and we will finish in Tokyo on the 21st. Can’t wait to see you all.

02-14 Singapore, Singapore – The Gathering
02-17 Bangkok, Thailand – Overtone RCA
02-19 Manila, Philippines – Black Market
02-20 Seoul, Korea – Rolling Hall
02-21 Tokyo, Japan – Hostess Club Weekender

New Zealand and Australia Tour

January 11, 2015

How To Dress Well on tour in New Zealand and Australia in less than 2 weeks! Come out!

02-21 Auckland, New Zealand – Kings Arms Tavern
02-23 Sydney, Australia – Sydney Festival
02-24 Melbourne, Australia – Sugar Mountain Festival
02-25 Brisbane, Australia – Brightside Australia Day Eve