Monthly Archives: January 2010

go to friendship bracelet and get the new comp!

January 27, 2010

so, the rad minds at friendshipbracelet have posted a new compilation, featuring a cut from htdw & cokc dokc!  head here and download that shit and have a super nice day thanks to such an excellent array of THE THE THE contemporary jams. ∆∆∆ friendship bracelet club volume 3 ∆∆∆ we’ll be dropping the fifth […]

waiting waiting waiting

January 24, 2010

okay i posted last week that there’d be a new ep and a video by now. first, the ep has been delayed because a few tracks from it will be released ‘exclusively’ on the forthcoming ‘friendship bracelet’ compilation vol. 3. so, ya, got to wait on that. and the video for ‘i don’t know what […]

∆∆∆ new year, new ep ∆∆∆

January 10, 2010

hello. wanted to get in touch and let you know 1) the next (5th) digital 3″ cd ep will drop this coming week. that’s the art right up thurrr                 & 2) we shot a clip for ‘i don’t know what it takes’ which will also drop this week!!! the clip features a dark night, […]